Frequently asked questions:

What is this software how do it help me?
Law Office Manager is an cloud based application which helps you carrying your day to day activities more smoothly and efficiently. This software reminds you about your case details, cases hearings, appointments, meetings, communication, creating a online website, sending SMS to your clients, contacts, staff, colleagues. Managing cash receipts and payments, issuing bills to clients, manage your website. It’s an asset for any office.

Do I need a programming knowledge to operate the software?
No, you do need any programming skills to operate the software. The software is very user friendly and can be operated with basic computer knowledge.

Can I send SMS to my Clients, Staff and others?

Yes, the software comes with a feature where automated SMS are sent to clinets and also you can send Informative SMS, Greeting to your clients or your team.

How do I operate the software, do I need to install software on each computer?
The software is a cloud based software and all the files are stored on a cloud and can be access over any computer, smart phone or a Tab. You do not need any thing to be installed on any of your computer. You can access the software on Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.,)

Is there any feature to store documents in the software?
You can store your regular documents in the software, You can add letters, documents related to any case or there is section where you can add commonly used documents.

How do I update the case dates and stages of the case?
You can login to the software and select the case for which you want to update the new date and and you can make a New Date selection and the new stage and save the information. An automated SMS and an email is sent to the client immediately after the date has been updated by you.

Is there any calendar facility? Yes there is a calendar facility where you can book your appointments, meeting, important works, hearing, case schedule and the software reminds you about the same.

Can I create more users for this software?
Yes there is a calendar facility where you can book your appointments, meeting, important works, hearing, case schedule and the software reminds you about the same.

Can this software be used by multi law firms or advocate?
No, the software is a dedicated software for each law firm/company/advocate and is installed for each domain example so only the owner can operate the software and each license has their own domain name, storage, email accounts, SMS. Other firm, advocate are not allowed to access your software or the data is not stored in the same database.

Is the software secured?

The software is safe for browsing and only a user with a password can operate it. The system generates a unique code every time the page is refreshed so there is no chance that any unauthorized person can access the software.

Is there option to manage billing?

The software has a feature of Billing . You can create bill, download and send to client or take a print for hard copy. A soft copy is always available for accounting and future reports.

What about support system, how much time you need to resolve any issue?

We normally take few hours to respond to any issue and most of the issues may be resolved over the phone itself.

What is the uptime of the server?

We assure our clients that the server up-time is 99.99% and if there is any maintenance activity then we will inform the same in advance.From over 6 years we have maintained 100% up-time.

How much time is needed to get the access to the software.

Normally we take 24 hours to process any request.

How do I sign up for this software?

Please fill up the contact form or your mobile number or you can email us on or call us on 9391323639 and we will get in touch with you to further process your request.