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Features and benefits of Law Office Managerâ„¢ Software

Law Office Managerâ„¢ Features include Case Management, contact management, SMS updates, document handling, phone messaging, time capture, law office billing and accounting and much more. You will be able to manage almost all things for a legal office not even that you can manage your own website without help from a technical expert

Law Office Managerâ„¢ Features include Case Management, contact management, SMS greetings, document handling, phone messaging, law office billing and accounting and much more. You will be able to manage almost all things for a legal office not even that even you can create your online website without taking any help from a web designer or a technical expert professionally or personally. We keep on adding new features and update the application on regular basis. Your application will be updated free of cost for any future updates.

Frequently asked questions:

What is this software how do it help me?
Law Office Manager is an cloud based application which helps you carrying your day to day activities more smoothly and efficiently. This software reminds you about your case details, cases hearings, appointments, meetings, communication, creating a online website, sending SMS to your clients, contacts, staff, colleagues. Managing cash receipts and payments, issuing invoice to clients, manage your website. It is an asset for any Law office.

How do I sign up for this software?
Please fill up the contact form or your mobile number or you can email us on or call us on 9391323639 and we will get in touch with you to further process your request.

Will you provide any Demo?
Yes, we can provide you a demo of the software on your request once you see that it is useful software then you can sign up. For demo request call us +91 9391323639

Do I need a programming knowledge to operate the software?
No, you do need any programming skills to operate the software. The software is very user friendly and can be operated with basic computer knowledge.

Will you provide facility to create my own website?
Yes, there is a feature on the website which allow the user to activate or inactive there website. If you wish to have a online website then you can activate the same and create the web pages yourself. It does not require programming knowledge.

Can I send SMS to my Clients, Staff and others?
Yes, the software comes with a feature where you can send Informative SMS, Greeting to your clients, contacts or individuals.

Can I operate the software on my Smartphone or a tab?
Yes, as it is a cloud based software it can be operated with any smart phone, Tab, Laptop or a desktop having Internet facility.

Is there any feature to store documents in the software?
You can store your regular documents in the software, You can add letters, documents related to any case or there is section wehre you can add commonly used documents.

Is there any calandar facility?
Yes there is a calandar facility where you can book your appointments, meeting, important works, hearing, case schedule and the software reminds you about the same.

Will you register a domain name for us?
Yes, we will register a domain name for you based on your choice. Example or You have a choice to register any TLD's .com, .in. .net,, .me and many more.

Do you provide email facility?
Yes, with every domain we are offering 25 email accounts so user can create there personal emails ID for communications and all the data will be store on their personal computer. You can configure Outlook, Thunderbird, and Smartphone.

Can I create more users for this software?
Yes, you can create users for this software and the users can be resticted to certain areas. Multiple logins can be done.

Can this software be used by multi law firms or advocate?
No, the software is installed for each domain example so only the owner can operate the software and each license has their own domain name, web hosting, email accounts, SMS. Other firm, advocate can't access your software or the data is not stored in the same database.

Is the software secured?
The software is safe for browsing and only a user with a password can operate it. The system generates a unique code every time the page is refreshed so there is no chance that any unauthorized person can access the software.

Can I issue Invoice to my client?
The software has a feature of Billing and Invoicing. You can generate inoice and send to client oir take a print of the same. A soft copy is always available for accounting and future reports.

What about support system, how much time you need to resolve any issue?
We normally take few hours to respond to any issue and most of the issues may be resolved over the phone itself.

What is the uptime of the server?
We assure our clients that the server uptime is 99.99% and if there is any maintenance activity then we will inform the same in advance.

How much time is needed to get the access to the software.
Normally we take 2 working days to process any request. We do not process request on Weekends and national holiday.

How do I make the Subscription payment for the software?
We will be providing you the bank details for making the payment, you can make the payment by Cheque, NEFT, DD. To make the payment by cash you need to pay at our office and for IMPS you need to provide complete information of the payee. Invoice are raised in payees name only. For any 3rd payty payment you need to clarify the same before you place your request for the software making the payment and a written letter, duly signed, mentioning the purpose of making the payment and whose behalf the payment is made. You need to allow us 4-5 working days of time to verify the same with our banker.

I have lot more questions about your software or how to operate?
You can always get in touch with us 10AM to 11PM and we will help you out or you can also come online if you have any questions.

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